Norwegian Tellef Raabe could be called a singer/songwriter on the darker side of the folk spectrum, but he also blends in heavy basses and strange synth lines. What would have happened if Nick Drake met Joy Division in the new millenium? Tellef might be able to answer that question. Hailing from the small coastal town Ålesund, moving to Wales then Paris, he has finally settled down in Bergen with a four-piece band know from projects such as The New Wine and Advanced Language. Throughout all of his distinctively modern yet folky songs you’ll hear his dark and soft voice, and often the whole band joins in creating mesmerizing harmonies. Their reputation as a live band is growing steadily, and one of the most recent gigs they themselves rave about was sharing the bill with Daughter (UK). Tellef’s latest two singles have been produced by Njål Paulsberg (Young Dreams, PYHUFNT ++), and remixed by Norwegian artists such as Pandreas.

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Thomas Digervold

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Area:  Norway

Label: Diamond Club